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Western Capital Referral Network


Western Capital Referral Network’s mission is to create a community of Real Estate Agents, Loan Officers, and other individuals interested in making fees on Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Finance. With 24 years of experience, Western Capital has closed over a billion dollars of commercial real estate loans through Utah and surrounding states. We will educate you on the basics of Commercial Mortgages, teach you how to find business, and provide you with an easy opportunity to greatly increase your income. Utah’s Real Estate market has grown exponentially over the past several years and now is an excellent time to get involved. Unlike the residential mortgage business, the commercial mortgage business is unregulated and Western Capital can share its fees with those who originate loans.


Western Capital will outline the commissions available to you on different types of loan referrals. We will ask you to sign a contract with us which will contain the normal fee schedule, your duties as the person or company referring a loan to us, etc.


Western Capital works with many banks in the area that refer loans to us. You may as well be doing the same thing as we teach you some of the fundamentals of the business.

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